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      The cards that appear in the Notification tray Alerts section allows you to better support your airport by providing information and giving you the opportunity to take actions that fix data or flight omissions. The following table outlines the default cards, their information, and actions that can be taken on them.

      These can also be viewed by an Administrator in Settings > Apps > Notification tray > Customise

      Primary actions are those using the main button, Secondary actions are those that use the ellipse on the right side of the card

      An alert will automatically clear when the condition prompting the exception no longer applies.

      Cards are ordered by up to 3 criteria in ascending order:

      1. Alert priority – the alert priority will be configured by Veovo as part of the card configuration
      2. Start time of alert situation
      3. End time of alert situation – cards without an end time will sort after cards having an end time

      Each card will display a limited amount of information. More information can be gained specific to the issue by selecting the ? on the headline / subline content


      Card Trigger Primary action Secondary action
      System cannot send emails None None
      Billing run (1) has failed None None
      Another billing run (2) was active when run (1) was actioned None None
      Billing run (1) was in wrong status when recalculation was actioned None None
      Events attached to the run were edited prior to invoicing None None
      An error occurred in recalculation None None
      Run 1 could not progress to Invoice review stage as run 2 is already in that stage None None
      A system exception has occurred with Run (1) None None
      The calculation did not capture any sequences within the filter criteria used. None None
      The run failed transferring to credit / adjustment None None
      The run calculation failed None None
      Reverting the run failed None None
      Transferring invoices failed None None
      Emailing invoices for run 1 failed None None
      Deleting run 1 failed due to run 2 still being active None None
      Run (1) has encountered an error None None
      Aircraft type has been changed and Docking guidance system needs activating Dismiss None
      Stand aircraft is assigned to is already occupied Stand
      1. Full flight details
      2. Dismiss alerts
      A FIDS device has failed (HTML_103) Dismiss None


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