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Oslo Airport Improves Resourcing and Travel Experience with Veovo

Since 2009, Oslo Gardermoen International Airport (OSL) has used the Veovo Passenger Predictability solution to improve resource efficiency and to display live security waiting times.

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As one of Europe’s leading airports, OSL retains ambitious service quality indicators to ensure they remain among the continent’s most efficient airports, particularly in the face of increased passenger numbers and terminal capacity constraints.


It is critical to the achievement of OSL’s vision that passengers have an excellent experience at the airport. It includes ensuring efficiency across the security area, with specific goals that are regularly reviewed to optimise processes and staffing. In conjunction with these goals, it is vital that passengers’ experience of security – including their perception of waiting time – is in line with this vision. To facilitate informed decision making and continuous improvement, OSL required accurate historical and real-time data, with passenger waiting time central to performance measurement and staff planning.


OSL has previously measured passenger waiting time manually. This process proved extremely time consuming and challenging to communicate to passengers promptly.


After an in-depth review and tendering process, OSL chose to implement the Veovo queue management solution in December 2009. It has since then provided the airport with valuable information to optimise and improve capacity planning and performance monitoring across the Airport.


Veovo has been central in assisting OSL, and their suppliers identify and manage spikes in passenger demand across each operational day, resulting in reduced queue times thanks to passenger-aligned resourcing.


OSL is also utilising the data to display live waiting times on screens within the departure area, their website and mobile application. The continually updated information enables passengers to plan accordingly, reducing the stress levels associated with queuing and ensuring they remain informed throughout the screening process.


“Veovo enable us to continually refine, evaluate and improve key operational processes“, said Bjorg Hill, Contract Manager Terminal Security at Oslo Airport.


With capacity and space restraints in the terminal, displaying waiting times has provided better possibilities for the passengers to select the fastest moving queue, balancing the load in different areas and ensuring wait times are minimised.

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