Customer Profiles

Gold Coast Airport is up and running with the 20/20 Airport Operations System from Veovo. With 20/20 underpinning a more efficient use of the airport’s resources and a fresh, dynamic guest experience, the airport operator is now primed and ready for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

GCA services over 6.4 million passengers annually and was voted best regional airport Australia/Pacific in the 2017 Skytrax Airport Awards. Delivering an outstanding customer experience, both now and into the future, for business as usual and the upcoming Commonwealth Games traffic is a key focus for GCA.

Construction works commenced in 2017, aimed at providing capacity for future growth through the expansion of the existing apron.  In parallel, GCA owner Queensland Airport Limited (QAL) also set an immediate goal to review its operational efficiency.  With a fragmented IT infrastructure placing a huge drain on resources and costs, QAL set about finding a replacement.  Australasia’s leading Airport Operations System (AOS) was the obvious choice.

Airport 20/20’s ability to deliver big efficiency gains and the customer experience ‘wow’ factor made it the leading contender. But what won the race was its multi-airport credentials. Instead of running different systems at the QAL owned Gold Coast and Townsville Airports, QAL could use Airport 20/20 Operations System to quickly consolidate operations onto one centrally managed platform, increasing visibility and performance.

Championing Guest Experience

With customer experience a top priority, GCA needed to upgrade its ageing, static flight information displays. Now, stunning new dynamic video walls and displays provide visitors with a simple and easy way to navigate the airport. The Gold Coast Airport operations team can quickly update the layout of each screen with location-specific information and promotional content.

With the number of international flights increasing, GCA can now tailor flight information and arrivals and departure content to the specific needs of passengers. This extends to the baggage claim, where integrated baggage processing information gives travellers a timely heads up on their baggage availability status.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said implementing the new Gold Coast Airport AOS would be a key element to the airport’s customer experience strategy.

“Gold Coast Airport places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional customer experience for our passengers, and we believe 20/20 AOS will help us deliver on that.

As experienced airport operators, we understand that air travel can be a stressful experience for many passengers. To alleviate some of that stress, we sought information displays that will be dynamic in nature and provide tailored, real-time and easy to understand information for our passengers,” Ms Charlton said.  

Peak performance

As the hub of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, GCA needs to easily accommodate seasonal peaks, including the thousands of additional visitors predicted for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.  The 20/20 Resource Management System will enable the airport to handle large numbers of passengers or a high degree of fluctuations, both in seasonal planning and adapting to changing days of operations. Data-driven decisioning ensures intelligent resource optimisation by embedding the airport’s business priorities.

With the Gold coast Airport AOS roll out now complete and the airport primed for the surge of visitors, athletes, officials and media in 2018, their streamlined operations and passenger-centric approach is sure to be a winner.