Connecting airport wide data and processes is the key to improving predictability. That’s why we are excited to join forces with ADB Safegate, the global leaders in tower, apron and docking systems.

When we launched our 20/20 Airport Collaboration Decision Making platform 2 years ago, we were thrilled to be named as one of the top CDM portals on the market by Eurocontrol. It was a great start.  However, to make the truly predictive airport a reality, we needed to harness the wealth of data across the airport ecosystem.  So we got to work, building our library of connectors to best-in-class tools to create a platform for wider collaboration.

Now, with ADB Safegate’s Visual Docking Guidance Systems integrated into Airport 20/20, airports can significantly enhance visibility of aircraft movements and improve apron situational awareness. Not only does 20/20 CDM now have access to powerful data logging of the docking and departure process to improve the accuracy of its forecasting, but the ADB Apron Display Systems will also be automatically updated with predicted on and off block times.  With ground handlers and other airside partners now having  ‘at-a-glance’ access to the information they need, on any device,  overall apron management and safety is vastly improved.